Beyond Orbital Teams

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Beyond Orbital Teams

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:34 am

This year we have some new characters about and three new teams:
Ground team: Royals, Gangs, Guards and Citizens
Station Team: Admiralty, Officers
Ship Teams:  Officers and Crew
I am your Ship captain, Cyg, and Captain Styx our friendly pirate will join me.
Tell us what team and position you hold, and give us a brief liner or paragraph of a story and  each person following will continue with the last one given. Mine is the introduction of the crew. Let's get started. Tell some friends!

The day is finally here. We set our launch date a month ago, but there seemed to be a problem. Between the situation the ground team found themselves in, and the new orders by the station Admiralty, we wondered if our launch would be delayed.  . .

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